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Natural and Integrative Medicine

We are able to provide both a traditional and natural medical care approach with Dr. Heald's integrative and functional medicine approach for individual, family medicine and for acute care needs. All factors that influence health, wellness, and disease are taken into consideration; including body, mind, spirit, and community. We are happy to offer services exclusively through the convenience of telemedicine. 

Services We Offer

We now offer a Weight Loss Management Program, including compounded Semaglutide and Tirzepatide!

We provide comprehensive and personalized solutions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We understand that effective weight management is not just about shedding pounds; it's about improving your overall well-being and sustaining a healthier lifestyle.

Our program begins with a thorough assessment of your unique needs, including a detailed medical history, and lifestyle habits, and may include a physical examination. From there, we collaborate with you to create a tailored weight loss plan that may incorporate a combination of an individualized drug regimen, dietary modifications (including discounted meal prep services), exercise routines, and behavior modification strategies. We emphasize the importance of sustainable, long-term changes rather than quick fixes. Throughout your journey, we will offer ongoing support, monitoring, and education to ensure your success. With our Weight Loss Management Program, you can look forward to a healthier, more vibrant life! Start your journey today and let us guide you towards a happier, healthier you.

To help you with your weight loss we have partnered with Foodies In Texas - a healthy meal prep company voted as one of the Top 3 Healthy Menus and Meal Prep Companies in Denton County for the last five years! With a new menu each week and no contracts and no minimum order requirements Foodies In Texas is the perfect way to ensure you are eating nutritious, portion-controlled meals that are simple, healthy, and delicious! When you sign up for our Weight Loss Management Program you will receive a discount code to apply to your Foodies In Texas orders to help you lose weight for less! 


You can visit their website to see their current menu by clicking the link below:


If you are struggling to lose weight we can help! Contact us below for a consultation today!

Additional Services We Offer

Specialty Labs & Testing to Find the Root Cause of Disease

Gut, Food Sensitivity, Hormones, Lyme, Viruses, Mycotoxins, Metals, Chemicals & More

Weight Loss Program including Semaglutide

Bioidentical Hormone Balancing

Thyroid Health

Acute Care for Minor Illnesses and Infections

Customized Immune Support for Chronic Disease

RGCC (Greece Test) and Targeted Immune Therapies for Lyme & Viruses 

Mistletoe Therapy

And much more!

Contact Us

 We are accepting new patients for telemedicine only. For more information call, email, or complete the form on this page. 


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

After Hours - additional charge and by availability only

Phone: 940-465-7609

FAX:      940-758-5014

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About FITT Medicine

Dennis Heald, ND, PhD, PA

Dr. Dennis majored in Biology and Chemistry and minored in language at UTA, Arlington. He graduated from UTSW Medical Center Physicians Assistant Program and completed his Master's of Physician Assistant studies through Nebraska's Medical Center. He also graduated with a Doctorate Degree in Natural Medicine and PhD in Integrative Medicine. He has worked in Family Practice and Urgent Care for 21 years. Along the way, he has been a professional speaker for numerous pharmaceutical companies and adjunct faculty for the UTSWMC PA Program. This is where the inspiration for Functional Medicine began. After seeing many disappointing outcomes with solely traditional allopathic medicine, he felt there had to be something more complete. He began to seek out Alternative and Complementary medicine therapies. The Lord led him to resonate with a more functional approach to wellness. He helped to develop a vitamin supplement in the 90's that changed the way the vitamin delivery system operated. He continued to work on the delivery of vitamins in IV form and searched for more optimal oral vitamin products. In the past few years, he has been involved with the research of several new technologies for devices that have an integrative medicine approach to health and wellness. At the end of 2014 and through the duration of 2015 he spent time with Dr. Constantine Kotsanis in his institute where he expanded his knowledge in the area of alternative oncology as well as other advanced techniques to apply integrative medicine solutions to many other chronic conditions. His compassion for people and their well being is very evident and his knowledge is immeasurable.

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